“Balinova” House – Batak

Balinova House is a family house in the town of Batak. It was built around 1895 and was inhabited by Trendafil Balinov – secretary of the Workers’ Youth Union and a participant in the resistance against fascism in 1918. until 1944. It is an architectural and historical monument of culture, a model of traditional architecture in Batak.

“Peristera” Fortress – Peshtera

The name of the fortress comes from Greek and means “pigeon”. It is a fortress with three fortress walls and six defensive towers located on the innermost fortress wall, according to archaeologists, dating back to the 4th century AD, which existed until at least the 7th century BC. Archaeologists believe that an ancient Thracian sanctuary probably existed in the same place.

“St. Nedelya” Church – Batak

The church of St. Nedelya in the town of Batak was built in 1813. It remains a memory in the Bulgarian history with the cruel mass massacre organized by the Turks, over the Bulgarian families who sought asylum here (including the fathers, women and old men) in the suppression of the April Uprising in 1876.

Historical museum – Batak

Historical Museum – Batak was established in 1956. The museum offers several expositions: archeology, the Bulgarian lands XV-XIX century, ethnography and the latest history. The events that are connected with Batak are unique in Bulgarian history and the name of the city will always be associated with the April uprising.

Watrefall “Fotinski” – Fotinovo

Passing through the rocky area, Photinska River has formed a picturesque water cascade with three falls, the largest of which is about 18 m. At the base of the first fall there was formed a pool with a diameter of about 6 m and in the second fall there was a pool with 4 m in diameter.

“Kleptuza” Lake – Velingrad

The lake is the largest spring in Bulgaria of karst type – located on the right bank of the Chepinska River, near the mountain slope in Chepino, Velingrad. The park, along with its two lakes, is a symbol of the city.

“Snezhanka” cave – Peshtera

Snezhanka is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. It is also called the “Pearl of the Rhodopes” and is included in the list of 100 national tourist sites. In its only 145 meters in length it has collected all forms of cave formations.


Find a place to visit and be alone. Instead of dining in the restaurant, you can dine, immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of nature with your beloved and drink a bottle of wine. Such an experience will leave you an unforgettable memory.


If you have not ride a bicycle, we offer you to have fun riding a bicycle through the picturesque Rodopi Mountains near Batak dam. We guarantee that beautiful scenery, hair winds and smiles on the faces of your loved ones will remain a pleasant memory.


During the summer season the Batak dam allows fishing.